“Reiki is Love”

There is a healing practice with origins from Japan known as Reiki.  A system of using touch and Universal Life Force Energy to emit healing frequency to the receiver.  Reiki was created by Dr. Mikao Usui as a spiritual tool for enlightenment and self-awareness.  Today, it is used by practitioners all over the world to help restore balance and remove emotional or physical blockage in the individual receiving the healing.  There are 3 levels that a practitioner may attain in order to give reiki healing.  Level 1, which allows the practitioner to provide healing to themself.  Level 2, which allows the practitioner to give healing to themself and others.  And, level 3, which allows the practitioner to become a Reiki Master/Teacher and give the attunement to others.

Reiki is love.  It is an opportunity to fill the world with love and light and progress.  It is an honor to be able to offer this tool of the healing arts to all of my Transformees with interest.

Reiki is a prayer.  Reiki is a moving meditation.  Reiki is a bridge between us and the Divine.  Reiki eases tension in the body, it relaxes the mind and improves feelings of anxiety.  Reiki improves the flow of energy around the body.  It promotes total wellness and healing.

Book your distant reiki session with us today.  Your body will thank you for it later.