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Healing the Inner Child Course

“From pain to purpose”

Welcome to the ‘Healing the Inner Child’ Series with Movements for Change, LLC.  This program is designed to introduce Transformees © to the stages of healing the wounded child that lives deep inside the adult who often forgets that she is in there.

During childhood, there may have been emotional, physical, psychological or sexual abuse that stunted her ability to thrive and mature emotionally.  This program is designed to excavate the pain and find the purpose beneath the feelings of insecurity.  The wounded inner child is that part of you that still carries the pain and emotional trauma of your childhood.  Strong feelings of insecurity, loneliness, fear, anger, shame, or guilt – even if triggered by present circumstances—belong to the inner child.  Actually, there are very few new feelings.  Especially when they are strong, most of our feelings reflect ways we reacted or failed to react a long time ago as a child.  She is still yearning to feel alive.  She is still seeking emotional security, feelings of trust, nurturing, affection, touch and so on.  If you can relate to these feelings, this course was made just for you.

After completion of this course, you’ll comfortably dive into your pain and transform the scars, so they may contribute to your growth, as you move towards your purpose.

Who is she?

Excavating the inner child beneath the pain

I have the power to protect her

Giving her the tools to self-partnering and healing

What did she learn?

Identifying the self-negating messages that she continues to perpetuate

I have the power to teach her

Showing her that her resilience and commitment to herself makes it possible for her to learn new ways of thinking and feeling

How did she learn to survive?

Assessing the survival techniques that are no longer useful in her life

I have the power to love and help her thrive

Growing from survival to thriving with new coping strategies

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Many of us have had childhood experiences that may have contributed to you feeling unloved, insecure, unsafe and unlovable.  You may have been shut down or emotionally muted, forcing you to repress your true feelings and sense of self.  You may even feel detached from who you really are.  Register for your course now and start your journey to healing with natural way!

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What Is The Course About?

This course is designed to introduce Transformees © to the stages of healing the wounded child that lives deep inside the adult who often forgets that she is in there.

What should I bring?

Bring your inner child and your heart. Each Transformee © will receive correspondence prior to each session with the documents needed for the activities. If there are any other materials needed besides the worksheets, you will receive notice of this in the correspondence.

What can I expect?

You can expect to receive guidance & support as you 1) identify the wounded inner child that lives inside of the Woman seeking transformation 2) participate in a virtual safe space for healing the emotional trauma that the wounded child has survived & 3) Learn effective tools for self-healing

Is this a Private Session?

10 Goddesses will join Keachia M. Bowers, MSW in group sessions that will be facilitated via Zoom. The sessions are ALL private and confidential

Will my information be kept private?

Absolutely. We will participate in a verbal agreement as a collective, during each session, to respect the confidentiality and privacy of each Transformee©. Everything disclosed is protected.

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Take the bold step to healing emotional and psychological traumas that are parts of your past, and oftentimes is unconscious. They affect your present moment and fluctuate between negative moods, depression, emotional outburst and toxic relationships. Register now and start your journey to wholeness.  

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