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Transform your life daily with a lifetime membership.

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Becoming a member will give you full access to a community where healing and transformation is a priority.

Only $30/month

A new masterclass each month with steps to guide your healing journey on various topics

Monthly Healing Groups with live meditation and group discussion while connecting you to other Circle members

Monthly Virtual Reiki Healing exclusive to Inner Child Healing Circle members

Unlimited onDemand Access to previous masterclasses, recorded workshops, meditations, worksheets, book recommendations and more!

Weekly affirmations & journal prompts sent directly to you via e-mail

Professional content created by Masters level Social Worker & Reiki Master Teacher

Membership in a private support group in a downloadable App with support from other Circle members

You’re in the right place if you feel unlovable.feel abandoned.feel misjudged.feel like the family blacksheep.feel not good enough.constantly doubt in deep validation from others.struggle with facing the past.

Are you ready to step out of survival mode and walk into your life purpose with Movements for Change.

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Embrace your pain without judgment.


attitudes of criticism, rejection and/or denial of your child within.


the art of "bringing out" your inner child and embrace change.


the positive needs of your Inner Child to begin your journey.

Because you are connected to many others on the path of healing.

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Membership Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions.
We’ve got answers.

The Inner Child Healing Circle membership is an online platform for women ready to transform the emotional pain from the past into purpose.

Inside you’ll find amazing resources such as monthly master classes targeting key areas necessary to help you heal your heart while walking into your life purpose with confidence. These include how to break trauma bonds, inner child healing methods, how to set boundaries, how to identify and heal trust, abandonment & guilt wounds – AND MORE!

You will also connect with a supportive community in our private Circle group exclusively for members and join me for live online group workshops with each monthly release.

If you’re struggling with family relationships, intimate relationships, platonic friendships and most importantly, the relationship with yourself, due to past trauma and limited beliefs and you’re ready to create a new way of living, The Inner Child Healing Circle Membership will give you knowledge, language, guidance and support you’ll need.

If you don’t have a strong support system, my monthly guidance and our community of amazing women will help you stay on track. The Inner Child Healing Circle Membership is for anyone who wants to stay consistent with their self-care journey while confidently living a purpose driven life.

Everything is in the Membership portal! You just log in and can access all the masterclasses, meditations, videos, online workshops and more. You can access the membership portal from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

That’s up to you! This isn’t a course or workshop — there is no curriculum, no “homework,” no schedule.

You can listen to the workshops, masterclasses and engage the monthly challenges, read the emails and connect in the private Facebook group whenever you want, as often as you want.

Definitely. This is not a lifetime obligation. It’s designed to support you in your healing process until you say when.

This membership program is NOT a replacement for therapy. This is a supportive experience that will educate you, provide resources for you and bring you into a community that edifies your emotional well being.

A Sneak Peak of the Portal

It’s easy to use! Get a quick peak of how the membership portal works.

Start Your Healing Journey Now!

Transform your life daily with a lifetime membership.

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