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About Me

Meet Keachia M. Bowers, MSW.  A holistic practitioner of Transformative Healing, Keachia provides virtual support services to adults who are ready to connect with their wounded inner child.  Her mission is to support each ©Transformee in transforming their inner child pain into purpose.  It’s a path towards learning how to re-parent your inner child and Self-Partner with your adult self as you reach your highest potential.  It’s the path from a caterpillar to a bold and beautiful butterfly!

“Change is inevitable, transformation is a choice” 


How It Works



Recognize your trauma.



Identify how it has impacted your adult life


Develop Program

Develop a program of re-parenting and giving to your inner child what he/she may not have received during childhood from the family of origin


Create Daily Ritual

Create a daily ritual and practice in alignment with your commitment to full recovery from – people pleasing, self-sabotage, self-ridicule, trauma bonding, co-dependency (the need to be needed), and so much more!


"Before I was a transformee at Movements for Change I felt discouraged about life. Life felt like there was no purpose, on the outside it looked like I was flourishing but I wasn’t. I decided to explore beyond my darkness and I am grateful for Keachia’s patience, words of affirmation and the work she held my hand through. The connection goes beyond this physical world, I found someone who understood my deepness and helped me make sense of it. Now I flourish internally too. I am still on my journey and my work is far from done. But the work resonates still. ?"

– Anonymous

“I have known Keachia for the past few months and I find her to be the right fit for the journey I have undertaken at this present time. I find her to be very kind, respectful, resourceful, spiritually centered, loving, nonjudgmental, open minded and so forth. She has been very instrumental in enabling me to pinpoint things I would normally take for granted and to utilize the right technique to put them to bed so that I can continue my journey to where I need to go…”

– Anonymous

" When I met the founder and CEO of Movements for Change, LLC, I was in and out of a codependent, verbally abusive relationship that I wasn't ready to leave. Still, I was drawn to her so I placed the call and we had a brief, but deeply moving conversation where she spoke to my soul. A year would pass before I reached out again. I had done some work on self-worth, left the abusive relationship for good, and, on the heels of a series of negative and traumatic life events, I was now searching for something. What I found, with her help, was myself. My whole self, my inner child, and my joy. I am humbled in her presence and extremely appreciative of the healing energy she poured out to me. "

– Anonymous

"I want to Thank you for heightening my awareness. I am choosing to vibrate at a higher frequency to dissolve my subconscious beliefs so I can align them with my conscious ones and the life I want to create. Because of you I’ve gotten this far, thank you so much for being not only my therapist but also my teacher. What a journey we’ve been on! I am so happy to have been given your business card 2 years ago "

– Anonymous

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