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Are you ready to heal the emotional wounds of the past that you’ve been carrying for a long time?

Welcome to my online healing sanctuary, Beloved. My name is Keachia Bowers, MSW. I’ve been blessed with the chance to deliver holistic healing to this global community known as the Earth for over 15 years. As a graduate of Florida Atlantic University and a level 3 Reiki Master, I’ve traveled the world creating community murals (USA, Jamaica and Africa) to hosting workshops and guiding over 1,000 global citizens toward emotional healing.

My inspiration for starting the Inner Child Healing Circle stemmed from my 7-year experience working with women to help them heal and face their Inner Child Pain. It’s also a reflection of my own healing process. I am, after all, a thriving survivor! For much of my life, I had a deep Mother Wound. I couldn’t get past this pain until I decided to step into my purpose. I’ve literally gone through the same things that brought you here today. Low self-esteem, perfectionism, attachment to people who hurt me, self-abandonment, a need to be needed and fix others, intense feelings of insecurity, shame, and guilt, and a life in which I believed I was unworthy of love.

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You’re in the right place if you feel unlovable.feel abandoned.feel misjudged.feel like the family blacksheep.feel not good enough.constantly doubt in deep validation from others.struggle with facing the past.

Are you ready to step out of survival mode and walk into your life purpose with Movements for Change.

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This is how the Inner Child Pain shows up in our adult lives.

I alchemized these wounds and transformed this pain into purpose. And I’m here to help you do the same! You will learn how to:


attitudes of criticism, rejection and/or denial of your child within.


the art of "bringing out" your inner child and embrace change.


the positive needs of your Inner Child to begin your journey.

let’s work!

Learn how to nurture your Inner Child on a daily basis with practices of intentional healing.

Healing Circle

$311.11/year • $30/month

The Inner Child Healing Circle is for those who are ready to fully learn how to heal the wounds carried by their Inner Child with a sacred community. It’s a space to embrace your pain without judgment, because you are connected to many others on the path of healing. (Membership Program via Teachable)

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Inner Child Sacred Coaching Sessions

$1,212 for 8 Weeks

An 8-week individual journey into yourself. This is the private coaching program where you, the Transformee, gets to work with me, the Transformation Coach as we dissect, unlayer, unlearn and grow with heart healing modalities. The ultimate Inner Child Healing experience.

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Inner Child Sacred Group Coaching

$777 for 4 Weeks

A 4-week group journey towards healing the Inner Child. For many of us, our inner child was wounded by a parent during our childhood. And for some of us, this abuse has continued into our adult lives. Whether we are in denial or we’ve accepted it, it has happened. Some of us were beat, called names, manipulated, controlled and we have become adults who are crying for love, attention and nurturing. This cry often manifests in trauma bonds. Connecting with others who continue to hurt us, but we just can’t seem to let them go.

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Reiki Certification

$177 for 3 hour virtual program

This certification is a new beginning to the rest of your life. The Reiki level 1 certification course is a 3-hour virtual program that will give each student the attunement & symbols necessary to practice the healing power of Reiki on yourself.

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What Our Transformees Say…

Straight from her mouth: Transformee Testimonial

“The last four weeks I spent with Sister Keachia and the other divine ladies in the group has been phenomenal, to say the least…”

Speaking Engagements & More

Passionate. Genuine. Engaging. Entertaining.

Keachia is a Therapist, Speaker, Radio Personality, Writer, Consultant, Teacher, Philanthropist, Dancer, Reiki Practitioner, Spanish Bi-Lingual

Keachia Makeba Bowers is a Registered Clinical Social Work Intern and founder of Movements for Change, LLC where she provides therapeutic services that facilitate emotional growth and transformation. Keachia promotes heart-centered healing and radical self-love as the foundation of her work in the South Florida Community. The hallmark of Keachia’s practice is her ability to educate community members about mental health challenges and solutions within marginalized populations. Keachia’s own story of transformation and healing creates a sense of trust and transparency among her clients. Her passion for healing is based on the reality that we should not heal in isolation; a non-judgmental, listening ear, filled with compassion, is what we need.

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Financial Investment $1,200 for my speaking engagements.

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